Elite trainer Direto XR-T


Elite trainer Direto X suosituin kotiharjoittelulaite hyvässä hintaluokassa.


Building on the success of its predecessor (Direto), the Direto X scores as one of the best trainers in the world in terms of performance, accuracy and responsiveness. Compared to the Direto, which simulated gradients of up to 14%, Direto X can simulate gradients of up to 18% by an increased power output that allows resistance production of up to 2100 watts at 40 km/h.

Interactive direct drive
OTS Power Meter with improved accuracy +/- 1.5%
Very quiet (50% quieter than Direto+)
Maximum slope simulation 18%
2.100W at 40 km/h; 3.250W at 60km/h
My E-Training Mobile & Desktop 12 months free of charge
Compatible hubs QR 130-135x5mm and thru axle 142x12mm
Suitable for long rear derailleurs
Including Travel Block front wheel support


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