Pinarello Dogma F runko/frame

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Uusi vm.2022 Dogma F runko

110Kg/242lb. weight limit
11 sizes—two less than F12
Claimed weights (size 53, unpainted): 865g (disc frame), 860g (rim brake frame)
Only compatible with electronic drivetrains
Dogma F disc brake frame kit is 265 grams lighter than Dogma F12’s
Dogma F rim brake is 3.2 percent more aerodynamic than Dogma F12 rim
Dogma F disc brake is 4.8 percent more aerodynamic than Dogma F12 disc
Dogma F is 12 percent stiffer at the bottom bracket than Dogma F12
Rim and disc brake versions
Rim brake version is lighter than the disc version
Disc version more aerodynamic than rim brake version
Only compatible with Pinarello’s MOST internally routed stems
German-made 3D-printed titanium saddle-rail clamps
28mm maximum tire clearance


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